Board Practice

Board Practice

  • The Board Practice at Vanderzee & Associates is comprised of a vast, global network of senior executives. We consult with companies and organizations on Board Composition, Board Search & Board Selection.
  • The needs and expectations of corporate Boards for outside Directors have changed in recent years and they continue to evolve. It is typical that outside Directors are selected based on their experience and influence. Increasingly however Boards are also striving for greater diversity and global competencies when it comes to their composition.
  • Working with Boards and their members requires experience and a high level of confidentiality. At all times the integrity of the Board and its (prospective) members need to be protected.
  • Vanderzee & Associates has a proven track record conducting retained search assignments for senior level positions in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our management team offers more than 25 years of experience in a various industries.
  • In a limited number of cases, Vanderzee & Associates will work directly with individual Board candidates who are experienced Board members or those who are uniquely positioned to make a significant contribution to a Board as an outside Director.
  • In addition to Board search, Vanderzee & Associates offers expertise in executive coaching, performance assessments and succession planning.


Increasingly, corporate Boards are striving for greater diversity and global competencies when it comes to their composition.

Working with individual board candidates:

In some cases, Vanderzee & Associates partners directly with individual Board candidates. These candidates are typically experience Board members or they are in a position where they can add significant value as an outside Director, based on their unique background and expertise.

A customized program is developed for each candidate including some or all of the following steps:

Create candidate profile
An in-depth interview with the candidate will help establish the background and expertise of the individual. The profile will also list the candidate’s strengths and major accomplishments.
Develop a targeted bio
Not just a reflection of past successes but also highlighting the areas where the candidate provides exceptional value.
Pro-active networking
Together with the candidate we will explore potential Board opportunities. Using our vast network of contact we will cautiously assess various options applying, at all times, a high level of confidentiality.
Facilitate introductions
Upon the successful evaluation of each Board opportunity we will assist in making the appropriate introductions.
Resource Center
Throughout the Board search process and beyond Vanderzee & Associates will remain a source of information and support for the candidate.