Executive Performance Coaching

Executive Performance Coaching

Vanderzee & Associates has created a cutting-edge executive coaching program that teaches people in business to perform at their highest level, while under pressure.

  • The program measures the executive’s specific attentional (focus and concentration) and interpersonal skills necessary for effective decision making and communication in high pressure situations.
  • The coaching program identifies the specific environmental conditions likely to facilitate and/or interfere at the upper limits of their physical and mental potential.
  • The program coaches the executive to make adjustments to their specific behaviors and personal traits to improve their business performance.
BackgroundTAIS Performance Inventory
Published research from large multi-national forms details the proven benefits of increased employee engagement. Principled, skilled leadership is critical to motivating human capital towards increased productivity. A survey of workface engagement by S.H.R.M. (Society for Human Resource Management) depicts a huge potential for increasing productivity through enhanced employee performance. Two-thirds of companies surveyed were lacking in employee engagement. That means that only 1 of 3 employers are doing it right.
At the core of the enhanced performance coaching program for executives is the Attentional and Interpersonal (TAIS) inventory. TAIS (pronounced “t-a-c-e“) was developed by Dr. Robert M Nideffer at Enhanced Performance Systems (EPS) in San Diego. TAIS is being used all over the world by athletes (e.g. Olympians), the military (e.g. U.S. Navy Seals) and thousands of corporate leaders around the world to measure the building blocks of human performance. In a review by Inc. Magazine it was stated: “If performance and execution are problems, TAIS may be your best option.”


We help executives reach their peak performance by having them focus on the right thing at the right time while managing their internal and external distractions

The Executive Coaching Process

Each executive will receive his or her own individualized coaching program. There is not an “off-the-shelf” approach. Each program is designed based on the individual’s personal needs and the objectives of the organization. The coaching program fully adheres to the guidelines expressed by The Executive Coaching Forum.

The following elements form part of the executive coaching process:

Coaching Partnership
Executive coaching is a process driven by specific goals agreed upon by all members of the coaching partnership. The coaching partnership consists of the executive, his/her manager, a representative from Human Resources and the coach. Other members can be includes if so desired.
The coaching partnership must consider up-front how the confidentiality of the information gathered during the coaching process will be managed. The executive and other members of the partnership must be able to open up and share information with the coach without any concerns that this information will be passed on inappropriately or without their approval.
It is essential for the success of the process that the coaching partnership provides basic information about the executive and the organization. Furthermore it is important for the partnership to agree on the appropriate coaching goals for the executive; to provide ongoing feedback to the executive and the coach on the executive‘s progress towards his goals; and to support the executive’s efforts to achieve his goals.
360 interviews (optional)
It may be necessary to include other members of the organization to obtain additional information and/or confirm the executive’s strengths and weaknesses. The information from those interviews will be provided in writing to all members of the coaching partnership.
Development Action Plan
Based on the situational analysis, input from the coaching partnership and the outcome of the assessment process, a Development Action Plan will be created. This plan will be reviewed and agreed upon by the coaching partnership.
Measurable Goals
The Development Action Plan contains both short term and long term goals with clearly stated timelines. Input from and agreement by the coaching partnership is essential to help establish reasonable goals.